1. shut, close up, close off, seal, seal off, obturate; lock, padlock, bolt, latch; fix, fasten, secure, Scot. steek.
2. stop, clog, choke, jam, congest; block, obstruct, bar, occlude, barricade, blockade, stand in the way; impede, hinder, trammel, bridle, restrain.
3. join, unite, connect, articulate, bind, tie, splice, link, yoke, attach; coalesce, consolidate, merge, blend, come together, fuse.
4. complete, conclude, terminate, end, finish, adjourn, climax, culminate, wind up; settle, fix, establish, clinch, complete, decide, agree, come to terms or an agreement; arrange, adjust, work out.
5. grapple with, clench, embrace, lay hold of, clutch, grip, wrest, seize; do battle, join issue, come to close quarters, struggle with, tussle with, Sl. tangle with, lock horns, cross swords, join combat.
6. close down
a. discontinue, suspend, cease, halt, stop, drop, break off, leave off, put an end to, have done with, dispatch.b. crack down, eliminate, exterminate, stamp out, make a clean sweep.
7. close in on
a. approach, near, draw near, come close or closer, draw close or closer.b. surround, envelop, encircle, encompass, engird, box, bottle up, hem in, beseige, beleaguer, trap.
8. close out
a.(all of price) reduce, lower, decrease, discount, mark down, cut, slash, cheapen.b. liquidate, dispose of, finish off, cancel, withdraw, Inf. put the kibosh on, Sl. eighty-six.
9. compact, condensed, dense, solid, crushed, pinched, squeezed, crowded, packed, Inf. jam-packed, stuffed, packed like sardines.
10. near, proximate, approximate, in close proximity, immediate, within an ace of; vicinal, neighboring, bordering, abutting, contiguous, adjacent.
11. similar, like, alike, not unlike, much the same; analogous, comparable, parallel; correspondent, corresponding, reciprocal.
12. intimate, dear, familiar, Scot. pack, bosom; clubby, chummy, hob-and-nob, hand and glove, Inf. thick, Inf. thick as thieves, Sl. buddy-buddy, Sl. palsy-walsy; inseparable, indivisible, indissoluble, inseverable, fast.
13. confidential, privy, private, exclusive, special, personal; secret, top secret, inviolate, unrevealable, undivulgeable; screened, guarded, concealed, hidden.
14. tight, tight-fitting, skin-tight, snug, hugging.
15. intense, concentrated, strict, minute; constant, unremitting, unrelenting, assiduous, dogged, hands-on; intent, searching, vigilant, acute, attentive.
16. faithful, conscientious, true, accurate, literal, sound; scrupulous, exacting, stringent, particular, exact, precise.
17. well-matched, nearly equal or even, on equal or even terms, even-odds, Inf. fifty-fifty, Sl. anybody's; hard-fought, sharply contested, nip and tuck, neck and neck, nose to nose, photo finish, by a whisker, Sl. by a nose, Sl. by a hair.
18. shut, shut tight, closed, locked, latched, bolted, fixed, fast, secure.
19. enclosed, cloistered, closeted, secluded, shut in.
20. surrounding, enclosing, encompassing, enveloping, engulfing, engirding.
21. barred, blocked, barricaded, blockaded, obstructed, hindered, impeded, shut off.
22. narrow, tight, confined, confining, constricting, restricting, limiting, binding.
23. heavy, oppressive, muggy, humid, sweltering, thick, stagnant, stifling, suffocating; musty, stale, stuffy, fusty, moldy, mildewy.
24. reticent, taciturn, uncommunicative. See close -mouthed.
25. miserly, parsimonious, penurious. See close -handed.
26. almost, nearly, Inf. pretty near or close, closely, within a hair or eyelash; not quite, just about, all but, well-nigh, as good as.
27. near, nearby, near or close at hand, nigh, hard by, close by, at one's door, at one's heels.
28. end, conclusion, termination, finish, finale, windup, coda, Sl. payoff, Sl. curtains.
29. enclosure, court, courtyard, piazza, plaza, piazza, arcade, cul-de-sac.

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